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True Hollywood Sound
East Coast Attitude

“I look forward to working with him again in the future, and recommend his services as a composer.” – Stephen DiMarco

Alex Arnold is a composer, orchestrator, and sound designer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Graduated from Dalhousie with a Major in Composition, Arnold has written several works, most of which blend elements of electronic sounds and synthesis with traditional orchestral scoring. Inspired by the likes of Harry Gregson-Williams, Jeremy Soule and Bear McCreary, and working with some of the best sample libraries on the planet, Arnold creates an authentic Hollywood sound without sacrificing his humble east coast heritage.

Alex has scored several of Dalhousie’s theater productions including, “The Decameron”, “She Herself is a Haunted House”, and most recently “Purgatorio”. He also worked with Dalhousie’s Margot Dionne on her production of “Ravens in the Rain”.

In 2014, Arnold crafted a score for the student made video game “Bella and the Grimoire”. The game followed a young girl in a library who was transported into the world of the books. Alex’s score helped reinforce this magical world by promoting exploration and giving each level a sense of grandeur and mystery.

On top of composition, Alex is also a booking agent for the band Merimac, an acoustic and electric bassist, and lifetime video game junky.

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The Underworld

Video Game | Bella and the Grimoire


Theater | She Herself is a Haunted House

Curtain Call

Theater | She Herself is a Haunted House

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